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ICS Cyber Security Solution Implementation Roadmap

NECON provide awareness to industrial clients for ICS OT national CERT standards compliance. Site visits/data gathering for preliminary assessments Physical inspection/assessment on installed base to know about the existing control systems are initiated. Gap analysis/risk assessment and mitigation activities System architecture modification to incorporate ICS cyber security compliance, with optional-Cartography (OT traffic packet capture on-site) asset inventory and vulnerability assessment are performed. Implementation of ICS cyber security products & solutions with OT sensor integration with existing ICS network is carried out.

ICS OT Cyber Security
Gap Analysis

We verify the accuracy of ICS network diagrams and identify potentially misconfigured devices or malicious data communications within ICS/SCADA network. Analyze data flows to baseline the ICS network and to ensure the boundary protection devices work as designed to identify the areas to improve zoning and perimeter protections. Identify potential weaknesses or gaps in the ICS/SCADA network, categorize cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. We propose risk mitigation recommendations for ICS cyber security compliance standards.