Anomaly Behavior Analysis

After a successful security breach, complex cyber-attacks can imitate normal behavior while preparing for the active stage of the attack. It is here, where the Anomaly Behavior Analysis helps, combining real-time threat detection, network visualization, and advanced investigation capabilities in a single unified system. Using proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, it works by passively analyzing raw network traffic to form an evolving understanding of ‘normal’ for every user, device, and subnet in an organization. Without presuming to know in advance what activity is ‘malicious’ or not, it independently learns to detect significant deviations, and immediately alerts the organization to emerging threats.


Security Incident and Event Management or SIEM is a core of machine intelligence


The Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) component can be installed on each laptop or server to send its telemetry like opened processes, network connections, traffic, changes and other big data.


Different types of security incidents may require different response actions.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Using Cyber Threat Intelligence, we can warn of potential threats before they happen and enable effective measures to be taken to prevent and stop cyber-attacks


Malware actors use dozens of tactics, techniques, and procedures to cheat their victims. With the Deception service, you can attack them back.

Threat Data Feeds

Threat Data Feeds provide additional layers of security intelligence, specific for a certain industry or company.