Incident Response

Cyber security incidents never choose the right moment to happen. Predicting an emergency isn’t possible, but we can help you react quickly when it occurs.
For a quick and effective response in the event of an attack, contact us: our analysts are ready to contain, isolate and stop the attack, 24/7, in order to bring your business back to workminimizing economic and brand reputation damage.
Do you want to play in advance? Prepare your Incident Response plan together with our experts: it will take you a short time to define the key parameters and specify the contacts to call in case of emergency.

Security Assessment

How secure is your corporate network? You can find out with the Security Assessment, an activity that defines the security status of the network security and industrial environment, including the identification of any known and unknown security gaps.

Security Monitoring

The HWG security analysts proactively monitor your digital environment against compliance with the major industry-based standards, regulations and laws 24x7x365.

Threat Hunting

Complex cyber threats can be difficult to recognize. They often start with an imperceptible breach and result in a full-blown attack after a lateral incubation period